Ring of Kerry

Cahersiveen | Irish : Cathair Saidhbhin : Little Saidbh’s Stone Fort

Cahersiveen – The capital town of the Iveragh Peninsula at the head of Valentia Harbour on the Fertha River. This town is an ideal location for exploring the rugged South West Coast and ancient and early Christian sites in the area. On the way into Cahersiveen on the left one can see the ruins of Carhan House where Daniel O’Connell “The Liberator” was born in 1775. He was schooled in France and then to London to qualify as a lawyer. He was one of the great Irishmen, the father of Irish Democracy and he achieved final civic freedom for Irish Catholics in 1829.

The Barracks Cahersiveen Heritage Centre gives an insight into life and times of Cahersiveen providing tourist information.

Leacanabuaile Fort – 3 miles North West of the town is one of the best examples of its kind. It is a round stone fort with 10 foot thick walls and has been reconstructed to a height around 4 feet. Inside are 3 stone Beehive houses and a square house of a later date. There is also a souterrain, originally a place of refuge or escape also for storage. Also the remains of a rotary quern for grinding corn can been seen. This fort is one of the few excavated in 1939/40. Objects found include bone, bronze, iron, lead and stone. The items found relate to the 9th or 10th century.

Ahacovra Holy Well – A holy well and pilgrim bath with stations of the cross.

O’Connell Memorial Church – One of the few Catholic churches in the world dedicated to a lay man built to the memory of Daniel O’Connell “The Liberator” in 1888. Newery granite with dressing of local black limestone was used in the construction.

Valentia Weather Observatory – This site is 1 mile from the town on the Waterville road and is one of the most important weather stations on the Western seaboard of Europe.

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