We are delighted to host My Kerry Ancestors on The Rose of Tralee site. Kay Caball is a native of Kerry and full time genealogist and we are honored to have her on board. If you have enquiries regarding your genealogy in Kerry do contact Kay, she is a wonderful source of knowledge!

We are the premier Kerry Genealogy consultancy.  My name is Kay Caball,  I am a native of Kerry and a full-time professional genealogist.  My book Finding Your Ancestors in Kerry was published in 2014, and is now available online and in all Kerry bookshops.  Here on this page you can log into our website if you want to see the most up to date list of sources and hints.  You can sign up for our  blog or just read the comments of our readers.  Whether you are just starting on your journey to find your family ancestors or  you are a seasoned ‘finder’, you will find something new here.  Up ‘against a brick wall’?  See if we can help.

If you would like to conduct your own family history research, we provide a full database of online genealogical records to help you on your way.   Our paid research can provide a wider understanding of Kerry, its history and culture and how that affected your family back to the 18th Century.

One of our most popular blogs this year has been Kerry in the 19th Century

From my experience over the last number of years I realise that it is very difficult for descendants of our Kerry emigrants to imagine what life was like in the County before and after the Famine in particular, when huge numbers of our people left for America, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand in particular.

  • Do you know what a ‘cliamhán isteach’ is?
  • How did Kerry people travel and how far could they travel in a day.
  • Why did your ancestors emigrate?
  • At what age did Kerry people marry – before and then after the Great Famine (An Gorta Mór)?

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