Upper Lake and Long Range

The Upper Lake and Long Range:

  1. The Eagle’s Nest: Formerly the haunt of Golden Eagles. These birds became extinct in Ireland by overshooting in the 19th century, the last being shot in 1870. It is 336 metres high but is very steep sided. Best viewed from a distance across the Long Range from the main Killarney to Kenmare Road.
  2. The Five Mile Bridge: On the main Killarney to Kenmare Road it is beside the Long Range. A good viewing point for Eagles Nest and the face of Small Torc Mountain. A stepping off point to see and explore some of the open moor land vegetation of the National Park.
  3. Gearhameen: Situated at the head of the Upper Lake is the site of Lord Brandon’s Cottage. A place of refreshment for those taking the traditional tour of Killarney through the Gap of Dunloe, either on foot, or by jaunting car, or by pony, returning to Killarney by boat via the Three Lakes to Ross Castle. Also if one drives along the main Killarney to Kenmare as far as Derrycunnihy Church one can take the old Mass Path through the Oakwood’s of Derrycunnihy.
  4. Derrycunnihy Cascade: Here the road tunnels through the rock forming a natural rock bridge. A little further south, a rough roadway, right leads to a footbridge beyond which is a superb view of Derrycunnihy Cascade, which cuts a spectacular gorge through the primeval Derrycunnihy Woods, a botanical area of great interest.
  5. Ladies View: On the main Killarney to Kenmare road about 20km from Killarney. This is the best known of all the views of Killarney. Over 100 years ago Queen Victoria visited here with her Ladies-in-Waiting and it was the delight these Ladies expressed that gave the name to Ladies View.
  6. Molls Gap: A superb vantage point from which to view the Lakes of Killarney on the Killarney to Kenmare road south of Ladies View.
  7. The Black Valley: You can drive through this beautiful lake filled valley from the N71 – the Moll’s Gap to Sneem road. One of the last places in Ireland to be connected to the national electricity grid, the valley had only radiotelephone until well into the seventies. The place to lose yourself. The valley has An Oige (Youth) Hostel. Pony trekking tours can be arranged here.

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