Tomies Area


  1. Tomies Wood: Growing on very rich soil it is one of the finest Oakwood’s in Killarney on the western shores of Lough Leane. Entrance is via a side road off the Killarney to the Gap of Dunloe road or by boat from the Lake.
  2. O’Sullivans Cascade: A waterfall situated in a remote location within the Tomies Wood close to the western shore of Lough Leane. This fall is made up of three distinct falls with a total drop of 20 metres. Easily reachable by boat or by foot through the Tomies Wood.
  3. The Purple Mountain: This Mountain is 835 metres high. At the summit one gets good views of the gap of Dunloe and the Upper Lakes. It can be reached at the highest point of the gap of Dunloe or along the ridge from Tomies Mountain. It is the highest peak in the western part of the National Park.
  4. Shehy Mountain: It can be reached from the southern end of Tomies Wood or along the ridge from the higher peaks of Tomies and the Purple Mountain. Fine views can be seen of Lough Leane and Muckross Lake.

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