Cork City

SS Peter & Paul’s Church

A Catholic Church. Located in SS Peter & Paul’s Place, just off Patrick’s Street lies the parish church of the parish of Saints Peter & Paul. Architecturally, it is one of the finest churches in Cork City. On the 15th August 1859 the foundation stone of the church was laid and on the 29th June 1866 the church was dedicated for worship. This new church replaced an older church, built in 1786, which was known as Carey’s Lane Chapel and entered from Carey’s Lane.

Archdeacon John Murphy, who was a member of the wealthy Murphy Brewery family, was the main instigator behind the building of the church. Before becoming a priest he had a most unusual career. He worked as a fur trader with the Hudson Bay Co. in Canada. A noted architect of the time E.W.Pugin designed the church. Pugin’s father, Augustus Pugin, was mainly responsible for the revival of the Gothic style in architecture. The high altar was designed by C.C. Ashlin and executed by Samuel Daly. It was concentrated in August 1874. In 1875 a new pulpit, again designed by Ashlin, and sanctuary stalls were added. The church was completely renovated in the mid 1980s

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