North Kerry

Spa | Irish : An Spa

Pronounced “Spaw” many people came here to take the waters of the local sulphur spring. Traces of the old Pump House still remain and the well from whence the water was drawn, as do many of the mansions built in this once fashionable suburb. On the foreshore nearby one can find springs rich in iron which have curative properties. We recommend a visit to The Oyster Tavern for a drink or a coffee and to sample their superb cuisine.
In fields nearby are 3 fine examples of Ring Forts (on private property). These 3 forts are connected by souterrains. Ring Forts – sometimes called “Raths” or “Lioses” – are very numerous throughout Ireland. As far as can be ascertained they were enclosed farmsteads with a domestic rather than military purpose. They date from periods between 400AD and 1200AD.Their survival down through the years can be attributed in the main to the superstition associated with them. These old survivors were, and indeed still are, known as “fairy forts” and dare not be violated for fear of bad luck.

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