Cork City

Murray O’Laoire Architects Office

 Situated at 3 Victoria Road. This is a gabled limestone-faced former warehouse, cleverly converted to an architect’s office while retaining its industrial external form and structural features.

The building dating from 1870 is matched by a similarly designed and constructed building two doors to the south. The two-storied façade has squared rubble limestone walls with brickwork around the door and window openings and with raised brick quoins at the corners. The large sliding door formerly giving access to the double height workshop space inside has been retained but there is now a large glazed area lighting the reception area behind it. The sliding door closes over the glazing at night to better protect the building. Access to the interior is by means of the side door only. The interior has been cleverly adapted to give comfortable working conditions while retaining the original timber truss structure with a new central rooflight to light the interior. A first floor gallery sits over the new timber-clad box which runs along the length of the north side of the interior and contains meeting rooms, kitchen and toilets.

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