Cork City

Holy Trinity Church, South Main Street

Originally a Church of Ireland. This church also known as Christ Church built in 1726 occupies the site of a medieval church damaged in the siege of Cork by English forces in 1690. Its tower, 136feet high, has been taken down. The churchyard contains interesting sculptured slabs. One of the more prominent slabs inside the front door is one with the inscription “In this tomb is covered the body of the gracious gentleman Thomas Ronan, formerly Mayor of this City of Cork, who died on the day after Saint Jambert’s Day [13 August] in the year of our Lord 1554. With whom there also wishes to be buried his wife Joan Tyrry, who died on the 1st of December in the year of our Lord 1569: on whose souls may God have mercy. Amen. Pater,Ave and Credo. De profundis.

Man, be mindful, since Death does not tarry; for when he dies, you will inherit serpents and beasts and worms.

 The church now houses the Cork Archives Institute, which was established in 1970 to safeguard Cork’s archival heritage. The Archives is now recognised as a key cultural organisation in the region and it holds vast quantities of archives. The chief categories include (a) Local Government Archives (b) Business Archives (c) Archives of Private Individuals (d) Landed Estate Archives (e) Trade Union Archives and Archives of Clubs and Societies. Here can be found the records of the Cork Butter market, Cork Steampacket Company, Beamish and Crawford Brewery, Cork Distillers, R&H. Hall (grain merchants), Dow den’s of Patrick Street (drapers) and Ogilvie & Moore ( provisioners). The papers of political figures such as Siobhan Lankford, Liam de Roiste T.D., J.J.Walsh T.D., Seamus Fitzgerald, and literary figures such as James Sheridan Knowles and Geraldine Cummins. In the economic life of 18th, 19th and early 20th century landed estates played an important part. Archives are held relating to the Earl of Bandon’s estates at Castlebernard, the Newenham family estate at Coolmore, Carrigaline, the Colthurst estates at Blarney and many North Cork estates. The papers of many well-known families also can be seen. These include photographs, correspondence and legal documents. The Penrose, Crone and Coppinger family papers are amongst the many examples of such collections.

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