Cork City

Cork Public Museum and Fitzgeralds Park

Cork Public Museum and Fitzgerald’s Park:  Situated on the Mardyke Walk approximately 1.6km from the city centre. The park is bounded on one side by the Mardyke (so called because there was an open dyke along there until it was covered in and piped in the 1970s) and on the other side by the River Lee. Cork Museum is situated in this Park and contains a most interesting collection of exhibits, which trace the history of Cork from the earliest times to the present century. It has a very fine collection of silver. It also holds some memorabilia of Michael Collins and the War of Independence. It also contains items of abandoned Ogham standing stones and exhibits reflecting Cork’s strong sporting tradition. The museum was originally a private residence built by Charles Beamish in 1845 on land purchased from the Duke of Devonshire. Following the completion of the house the grounds (now Fitzgerald’s Park) were laid out with a fantastic variety of shrubs and trees. In 1886 the house became the home of the Bons Secours Sisters. During the late 19th century it became a private residence for Mr. Barry J Sheehan (1890) and Mr. Cornelius Desmond (1897) respectively. It was sold in 1901 to the Incorporated Cork International Association. During the Cork Exhibition of 1902/03 the Committee used the house for visiting dignitaries who included King Edward V11 and Queen Alexandria of England. In 1910 the house was handed over to the Cork Corporation for the people of Cork and was turned into a public museum. Following a Historical Exhibition in 1942 the building was reopened to the public in 1945. It was initially administered by UCC until 1963 and since then directly by the City Council. A modern extension was added to the building in recent times and includes temporary and permanent exhibition spaces. It is connected to the original building at its North West corner. The house which has undergone restoration work provides an education room for visitors and students alike. Opening times: Mon- Fri. 11am – 1pm and 2.15pm – 5pm (6pm June, July and August). Sat. 11am – 1pm. Sun.3pm – 5pm from April – September. Telephone 00353214270679.

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