North Kerry

Banna | Irish : Beannach

This beach which is 5 miles long was also used in the filming of Ryan’s daughter in 1968.
Here to one can find a memorial to Sir Roger Casement, who was born in Dublin in 1864 to a Protestant father and a Catholic mother. Casement had a great love for his native country and had become disillusioned with colonialism. He organised a consignment of guns from Germany to be dispatched to the Kerry coast in a ship named “Aud” to arrive in time for the Easter rising of 1916.Casement arrived at the same time in a German submarine U-19 and hid out in McKenna’s Fort, an ancient ring-fort a few miles from Ardfert, where he was arrested. He was tried for treason in England and hanged on the 3rd August 1916. Eventually his remains were returned to Ireland in 1965 and now rest in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. The “Aud” having been intercepted, was scuttled by her crew and the guns went down with her. The Rebellion broke out on Easter Monday 1916.
Banna Strand is an ideal place for shore fishing.

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