North Kerry

Ballybunion | Irish Baile an Bhuinneanaigh : Town of The Bunnions

Ballybunion is essentially a seaside resort with several fine beaches and an extensive network of caves. Hot seaweed baths can be had. The remains of Fitzmaurice Castle standing on the promontory at the end of the main beach, has become the towns most recognisable landmark. There are fine views from the ruins to Loop Head and the Dingle Peninsula.
Nine Daughters Hole – on the cliff top walk is a 12-foot wide blowhole, where one can hear the sea crashing on the rocks 100 feet below. In the 13th century an O’Connor chief discovered that his nine daughters had plans to elope with his sworn enemies, the Normans. Furious at what he called their betrayal, he hurled them one by one to their death into the blowhole. To this day the place is known as Nine Daughters Hole.

Golf: Ballybunnion has two 18-hole courses; one of them is world famous. It was here on the 5th September 1998 that U.S. President Bill Clinton played a round of Golf while in Ireland.

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