Aghadoe | translation “the enclosure of two yew trees”).

Yews were associated with sacred rites of Druids (ancient priests). Monks established a monastery here in the 6th century. From Aghadoe the panoramic view in front of you will take your breath away. To you right is the Hill of Pallas, on Lough Lein in front of you is Innisfallen, behind it, on the mainland to the left is Ross castle, more to the right is the ruin of Castlelough, and further to the right is Muckross Abbey. Aghadoe had very close connections with Innisfallen, in fact once a causeway joined them across Lough Lein. The Abbots of Innisfallen were generally buried at Aghadoe. There still exists part of a 13th century Round-Tower built by the Normans as a defence against the Gaelic Chieftains. The base of a small medieval castle and the walls of an ancient church as well as a parish church can still be seen. The west entrance to the church is splendidly decorated in the Romanesque style. Inside, upon a wall is an Ogham Stone with the engraved lines being the letters of an ancient script. Note also between the high windows, the charming stone sculpture of a head.

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